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From: Max <>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 05:24:32 -0500

>Sonic started out with 4 (3 fingers+thumb) in the Archie comic miniseries,
>too. But he had to grow an extra digit when Sonic 3 came out, so he could
>hold up 3 fingers, and still have one folded into the palm of his hand.
>Otherwise, it would look odd.

Actually, in the games (and in Sega's concept of him) Sonic has had four
fingers and thumb from the beginning. The original comics published by Sega
(before Archie entered the picture) shows him with five digits as well. (One
even has pictures of him before he was blue.)

It wasn't until the Archie mini-series Sonic lost a finger, but he gained it
back in issue #1 (of the current number series, not the original
mini-series...) More likely than not, someone at Sega pointed it out to
Archie. If any of the comics since then (I didn't check them all..) show
three fingers, it's a sign someone has slipped back into old habits. :-)

As for the TV shows, 'Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog' always has four
digits...since it is done 'toon' style, that makes sense. Best I recall, he
always had five in the ABC one, which was done in a more serious style, but
someone that watches that one more than I do could shed more light on it.
All of Sonic's other animated appearances (game ads on TV, mostly) show five.


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