Re: fingers?

From: William Graham <>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 96 00:06:36 MST

Chris writes:

> I was looking at my Sonic comics today, and something confused me.
> It showed in some issues that Sonic has 4 fingers. Then in more issues, it
> showed Sonic with 5 fingers. On the late ABC TV show, it showed Sonic with
> 4 fingers. How many fingers does Sonic have?

Sonic started out with 4 (3 fingers+thumb) in the Archie comic miniseries,
too. But he had to grow an extra digit when Sonic 3 came out, so he could
hold up 3 fingers, and still have one folded into the palm of his hand.
Otherwise, it would look odd.

Tails got an extra digit per paw at the same time, but the other Freedom
Fighters didn't. Maybe it's a status thing with furries...

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