Mecha Sonic?

From: Dan <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 14:10:49 -0800

         Hi, Guys,
        Just in case your wondering, here's EXACTLY what happens at the end
of "The Doomsday Project."
        In Knothole, the Freedom Fighters are celebrating the end of
Robotnik and Doomsday (especially Sonic and Sally.) Meanwhile, in the Great
Unknown, an elevater pops up. As the door opens, Snively, dressed like a
REAL bad guy, steps out. "Yeeesss! Ha! Ha! Ha! The big round guy finally
let Sonic defeat him! Well don't celebrate too soon, hedgehog! Now, it's
my turn! Ha! Ha! And I'm not alone!" As Snively steps away, a pair of
glowing red eyes, appear in the darkness, like the outline of Sonics' eyes.
There is heavy breathing (like the sound when the pilots on the movie "Top
Gun," breathe through their oxygen masks.)


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