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From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 08:56:42 -0500 (EST)

> Okay, so I read #14 (& put up with a certain squirrel having pink fur), and
> then I came to one story. (Tails' taste of power) Now, in this story Tails
> chomps on some weirdo fruit and becomes Mr SuperGenius (also becomes right
> annoying)

Gee, when it happens to you in the Bible, you only end up realizing
you're nekkid! ;-)

> He then makes himself a little #1 sigh thingy, because he wants to become
> the leader. He claims he's the perfect person to replace Sonic as the leader
> of the freedom fighters.
> Now the ponder.. it seemed to me that Sally was the leader of the freedom
> fighters.. she certainly seems more of a leader than Sonic. (Plotting
> missions and generally dominating him - ie telling him what and what not to do)
> She would also be the more natural choice for a leader since she's
> well, a princess and all..

IMHO, it's DeCesare's way of saying "Just because you're intelligent it
doesn't mean you can't act like a jerk." The fruit apparently affects
the ego as well as the gray matter. There was some discussion along
these lines about how obnoxious the young Simba was in the beginning of
"The Lion King," but I digress.... Tails was probably aware of Sally's
rank and leadership role, but the fruit went to his head.

Not that I mind Tails getting some depth. There was some development
along these lines in the stories leading up to the Tails miniseries,
mainly along the lines of his resenting being told what to do by the
older Freedom Fighters. It's a natural enough plot line, but
unfortunately the miniseries totally mishandled it; it never showed
Tails actually having anything like a change of heart. He was shown
making the quantum jump from obnoxious little brat to realizing that the
others really do care about him. That's just plain, unforgivable bad

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