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> Kevin -
> Right now the comics market overall is in a delicate situation. On one hand,
> Archie Comics is probably very tempted to have a second SONIC book, as it's a
> great seller. However, because they don't want to dillute the market with too
> much product, they opt to do specials and mini-series. For example, if the
> KNUCKLES mini-series does as well as everyone hopes, chances are very good
> everyone's favorite echidna will graduate to his own series. In that case,
> you might see KNUCKLES specials alternate with SONIC specials then. But you
> probably wouldn't see more SONIC.

I've gotten Sonic from Miniseries #0 and agree with Archie comics here...
Occasional specials and Miniseries runs have been quite acceptable for me.
I've occasionally feared that Sonic would split into multiple comics.

> In fact, many comics buyers are complaining already they have too many
> different books to buy just to follow one character. Have you tried following
> Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, the X-Men, Star Trek or Elfquest lately? (to
> name but a few series) There are so many books every month featuring these
> characters that by collecting one, a lot of people don't have the budget for
> anything else.

I'm one of those people... I've just about dropped every Marvel title I
used to read because of too many spinoffs and parallel series.

There used to be a comic called 'Bizarre Heros' (one of those black and
white alternative comics) (I think it's still around actually). The
intention of the writer was that instead of having something like comics
with a 'consistant' universe he decided to have a whole bunch of universes
in a single comic.
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