Re: Quozl's Really Short Mini-Review: Sonic #35

From: Matt Penna <>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 22:41:54 -0500

>If anything, things get more intense as the story
>progresses. I've seen a make ready proof on KNUCKLES #1, and Art Mawhinney
>has turned in a SUPER job. This book moves into high-gear from the first

Actually, I enjoyed the Knuckles story in issue 35. I've been interested in
the Knuckles stories from the start, mainly because all of you at Archie are
creating a past for Knuckles. Even though Knuckles' character is a couple
years old now, we really know nothing about him. Sega didn't reveal anything
significant in their games and even the fan-fiction authors haven't touched
on this yet. (If one of you has written a story that details Knuckles' past,
I apologize to you. I haven't read it yet.)
I am glad to see the character of Knuckles being developed. This is
something very important, in my opinion. It makes the character in the book
much easier to relate to. It's just like getting to know somebody. It's hard
to be interested in something or someone that you know absolutely nothing
about. I have felt that the character development has been a bit lacking in
the comic, but some of the recent issues have helped to solve this problem.
If the Knuckles mini-series continues this trend, I'll be very interested in
seeing it. Ken, please keep up this kind of development.


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