Re: another sonic game???

From: Doug LoConti <>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 06:41:27 -0500 (EST)

>It was said a while back on the list something about sega was releasing
>a Sonic CD game for the PC. That was a long time ago I don't remember
>the exact details. I asked around a bit again recently and noone at the
>stores seems to know anything about it. Does anyone have any further
>information about this?

(trying to keep with the list's fandom theme, Mighty answers hastily...)
There was a game. It was released for the PC, but I don't think it was
SUPPOSED TO be released, (or at least not in the USA). It is a replica of
Sonic CD-complete with animations, and even MORE bonus stuff than the
orrigional! YOu will, however, not be able to BUY this title, (as it
doesn't officially "exsisT",) HOWEVER after a few MONTHS (literally)
searching some "special" FTP sites, I was able to uncover it-all 17 disks of
it. An excellent game, but unfortunately, the way SOA programs, you need an
INTEL Pentium 66Mhz or BETTER with 8MB of RAM to run it. So, have fun with
that one! :) Anyways, if anyone is interested in this game personally,
e-mail me. Keep in mind the system specifications, or don't bother
e-mailing me, cuz it won't run. Say I had a DX4 and thought I'd be cute and
DL it? Uh-huh... it's not that it runs SLOW or takes a while to LOAD, it
just plain ol' WON'T RUN. :) Well, anyhow, to answer the question, other
than all the bonus stuff, it's a replica of SONIC CD. And all the cool
aVI's come with it, crystal clear, full screen, and SMALL in size.

Welp, that's it folks!

Oh, to keep the "on-topic" aspect someone a while ago asked what Sally was?
I always thought she was a mix between a ground squirel and a fox. (I guess
her parents were different... we never saw her Mom, but her Dad had a huge
fully tail!)

And another thing: I saw that hot wheel commercial-how N*E*R*D*Y! A little
plastic Sonic vs. A street shark, (or whatever the heck they're
called)-NERDY! <Sonic would, of course win>

And with this Sonic movie-I talked to an inside source inside of Sega, (I
shall not reveal this source because I realize there is a Sega guy on this
list who could, in essense, be this guy's boss, sorry!! :)) and my source
said this game is going to definately be an animation, and the soundtrack
will be very new-aged and the theme will be somewhat adult based! I don't
see how they're going to get away with this... Robotnik pulls out a laser
gun and Pearl Jam starts singing Glorified G?!? Who knows with Sega...
anything's possible. More info on this as I get it!

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