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>> Littel sugestion, Wouldn't it be cool if Sega made a game based on
>> the REAL adventures (the cartoon and comic)! You could play as one of the
>> Freedom fighters! Including REAL places, Knothole, Robotropiles,etc.. It
>> might help Sonic out a bit too.
>According to Ken Penders at Archie Comics, the Sally miniseries was an
>attempt at testing the waters for spinning Sally off in terms of games
>and merchandise. However, sales were disappointing because a)
>distribution was poor, and b) there was a reluctance on the part of the
>core audience of boys to get into what was perceived to be a girls'
>comic. It's been suggested before that Bunnie (increased strength
>through robotics) and Sally (enhanced agility, access to Nicole) would
>make great game characters, but I'm afraid that the preadolescent gender
>thing will continue getting in the way.

     Really. I bought Princess Sally Numero Uno, and it was good, but I
thought it wasn't intriguing enough to make me wanna read No. 2.

          Oh, well. It was worth a chance.
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