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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 11:30:43 -0600 (CST)

I've heard hints on this list before about an existing movie script which
apparently has been put on hold indefinitly ... if this news is recent
enough (where did it come from anyway?) then 'indefinitly' finally
arrived. [I'll have to check Sonic #19 for that hint about the movie... I
must've missed that]

I also heard Disney had a contract with Pixar to make 3 100% computer
animated movies... Toy Story being the first. The second supposedly
involes insects. No word on the third.

For that third one to be a Sonic movie appears to be 'stretching' it...
Sega would have to make all sorts of deals with Pixar AND Disney.

Sega could however have a separate contract with Pixar (or some completely
different computer animation house).

That is... assuming it IS computer animated... All the sparce sources I've
heard is that it's going to be live action. I dont know HOW they're going
to pull THAT off (unless they do something goofy like make the characters
look totally weird by putting people in costumes... or maybe do the 'Roger
Rabbit' thing and mix live action with animation (even computer animation.
You've all seen those M&M commercials... they're blended with live action
and they look pretty good!).

Hey... here's a question... if you were casting a live action Sonic movie
[where the actors wear costumes of the characters], who would YOU pick for
different parts?

I say "Jaleel White" for Sonic... he even looks a bit like our favorite
blue hedgehog and he certainly has moves like him (he also has the
'perfect' voice despite being a bit tall).

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