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>On Fri, 15 Mar 1996, Jason Shank wrote:
>> You can get an E-mail address at the Sega section.
>> Littel sugestion, Wouldn't it be cool if Sega made a game based on
>> the REAL adventures (the cartoon and comic)! You could play as one of the
>> Freedom fighters! Including REAL places, Knothole, Robotropiles,etc.. It
>> might help Sonic out a bit too.
>Not to jump off topic, but such a game is in the works! Remember T.
>Mettle? If you are intertested & have not heard of it yet, you can join
>the twisted mettle mailing list, although I forgot how. Write
> for this info! :)

Listen up 'Mighty' (Mouse)
I hope that this isn't some rumour, for your sake.
You should be roboricized if it is, 'cause I hate , I REALLY hate it when
someone gets my hopes up and they let me down. Hey, did ya hear about the
new Sonic Film starring Tim Allen and Jack Nicholson? The story is, Robotnik
comes back, with help from Sonic!!!! Snively is killed by them both, but
captures Sonic, and after finding out the location of Knothole, he destroyes it.
In the end, 'Botnik is killed and Sally is fatally injured (in other words,

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