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From: ablater <ablater_at_global.co.za>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 15:35:25 -0200 (GMT)

Hiyas all,

Well, just another quick and blatant advert all of ya,

                          --== Twisted Mettle ==--

A Freeware (IE You don't have to pay for it or register) Sonic Game, being
made by the Sonic Development Team (Freeware individuals), has it's own
mailing list.

I'm mailing this for all you newbie chaps.. and remember.. please don't
reply to this.. reply to me directly at--> ablater_at_lin01.global.co.za Or..
Write to Mighty at --> mighty_at_en.com (Doug LoConti)

My apologies for off-topic spam, and now.. we return to the list. :)

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