Re: Sonic Specifications

From: William Graham <>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 96 20:49:29 MST

Max writes:

> Well, someone has to represent that 00.1%. :-)
> Are there any other "Adventures" fans on this list besides me?

Make that 00.2%!
My introduction to Sonic began with his and Tails' Adventures.
The slapstick humour in the series and the jagged Mobian graphic
design really appealed to me. I also like robots with character
(even if their AI is at the 4-year-old level), something Swatbots
just don't have. There is lots of more subtle humour too, like in
some occasional characters' names, like 'Spelunk' or 'Hodge-Podge'.

Sega still uses Sonic in their promotional literature; the leaflet
announcing the Sega Channel here recently has Sonic peeking at you
from the corner of the front page.

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