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Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 00:22:44 -0200 (GMT)

Arggh! Those horrible Telkom (The South African Phone monopoly) chaps
disconnected my phone! .. Anyways.. for now I'm back.. on the DAD170C's
telephonic communications unit, while he is compressing and analysing todays
input - a process called dreaming.

Okay first off, They put *both* the cartoon types into Zulu, for S.A. So,
add Zulu as another DUBB. (The TV service however, didn't simulcast the
Saturday version in english.)

How nice, they dubbed it into Zulu.

   I don't speak Zulu.

Okay, now what else? Sonic being phased out? Hmm.. I doubt it, rather
our blue pal seems to be be plaining out. So to speak, SEGA are probably
just letting Sonic fade and become the equiv of the nintendo 'Ninja 37' (or
whatever number it did get up to)

The micro-machine advert? Nope, I live in Africa.. the place of the stupidly
high phone rates, wasted TV, and.. Oh, I did see some elephants. :P

Now.. On to some original material.. My good pal Ice-Blade, took me to
meet some guy he knows who owns a comic store. Well, he was a really nice
english chap, but that really has no relevance.. anyways.. Jeff managed to
get me one of the Sonic comics from Archie.. (No #18) Okay, so it was the
January edition.. but what the hell.. who can really complain, poor Jeff
only has half a brain.. Dough.. off topic again.

Anyways.. the first story .. well.. sucked. Okay, let me be fair.. From my
perspective it sucked.. There were a few pretty good humour pieces though..
Well, I guess that it was a matter of taste.

Darn.. I'm wondering off again.. [Coffie Sabotage I tell you!] But, I looked
at the art, some of the pictures are sadly wasted... I have attributed these
to when facial expression occurs. Okay.. looking again, the Manak dude
draws them screaming nicely.. but when they smile.. AGH.. They get that
"Casper the friendly ghost" type look. :(

The 2nd story, pencilled by Art Mawhinney, was actually pretty danged

But just wait a moment. #2 could have had a slightly deeper stoyline..
"Ceremonial Acorn?" Why not some sort of crazy key, or thingemabob? Okay, I
mean sure, Sal's last name is Acorn.. but.. um.. well.. Well.. you kinda
get the idea...

Oh well, I have now decided that i will make a Digital Comic Format in 1997,
and start my own comic (Freeware.. of course) Perhaps I might change my mind
later dis year.. but we'll see-see.

Oh yes, just to drop a cow of though quick, <Cow Launched! :P> Twisted
Mettle is coming on.. No, the Uzi-team of Sega hasn't visited me yet.. :P
And, I haven't quit either.. Actually, just 1/2 an hour ago, I was working
on 'Something wonderfull" for it.. Hmm... I'll see about making a nifty
little demo for you chaps sometime.. :) I already have a sorta-working
system, but it suffers some.. well.. instabilities.

Anyways.. Jeff will be acquiring some more comics for me.. I'll haveta
compliment the Art Mawhinney chap.. his drawing style has been processed and
uploaded to OrganicRAM for later usage. Or in simpler terms, "Me Simon, look
conic, draw like comic."

Cheerio! And never forget.. "Cows are the root of all comedy."

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