Hedgehogs in need.

From: Steve Avery <lavery_at_terra.nlnet.nf.ca>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 18:57:22 -0330


I lied in the Ultimately Hopeful Sonic Prediction, Sonic can die, but only
if we let him!! If Sega is really plannying on dropping their spiny little
mascot for something else, which seems evident with all the mascot games
they have been producing (Ristar, Vectorman, Bug.) which have thankfully
failed. Sega obviously doesn't know that he has so many fans! We have to let
them know! First we need an e-mail address to Sega. All of the hog-lovers
out there should try to find it, and tell Sega how much we love Sonic, and
try to convince them to bring Fighting Sonic and Virtual Sonic to America!
These would keep him from dying, and if they become huge hits, they may even
inspire a third season of the show we all love! Maybe even spin-offs! So
support the hedgehogs in need, and write to Sega!
The Necromancer

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