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From: mugg charles <>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 22:45:03 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, James Firmiss wrote:
> I've never been able to get into games like that though. If I wanted to
> learn thousands of different stimulus-response reactions, then I'd learn
> a REAL martial art as opposed to faking one in a game... For games...
> just gimme something I can BLOW UP!
Kiken here, well I can't disagree with that last saying. But as for
taking a real martial art, as an Aikidoka myself, believe me when I tell
you its nice to be able to participate in a fight that only costs you 50
cents instead multiple bruises and pulled muscles. ;)
> On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, mugg charles wrote:
> > Kiken here, well, there's still a slim chance that V Sonic will make it
> > to the states on the Saturn, this may re-awaken things. Thats a long shot
> > though, and an even longer shot is hoping that SOA will release Figthing
> Only a SLIM chance for Virtua Sonic? How come it seems that half of Sega's
> games don't make it to the US? No wonder I keep hearing that
> Sega's Saturn isn't doing all that well (Compared to PlayStation).
> What's this about a Sonic Fighting game? How can you make Sonic a
> fighting game?! I thought people were confusing Virtua Sonic with a
> 'Sonic Fighting Game' but now you're saying they're two separate entities?

Like I said before, SOA are trying to phase out Sonic and bring in Bug.
And after what SOA did to Sonic CD I seriously worry about what will
happen to V Sonic if it is released over here.

Yes, V Sonic and Fighting Sonic are two entirely different games.
Fighting Sonic is being done by AM2 (SOJ's 3D rendering masters under the
watchful eyes of Yu Suzuki, expect it to play like Fighting Vipers) and V
Sonic is being done by Sonic Team (the same members who programmed the
Mega CD version of Sonic CD to be exact, so with Yuji Naka at the head,
nothing can go wrong). V Sonic will be shown at E3 this summer.

Well, blame the never released games on SOA's "masterful" advertising

BTW: Sega is ahead of Sony in both the US and Japan. Its just that the
Americans are a little more aprehensive becuase they still have the bad
taste of the 32X in their mouths.
> One thing which has always given me some hope for Sonic though... You
> still see new products featuring the spiny blue guy (e.g. Sonic Pasta...
> Sonic watch offer on Quaker Oatmeal... Sonic books) If they're phasing
> Sonic out, why would they bother (I know it takes months to plan these
> deals out but the last big Sonic game was out over a YEAR ago? It almost
> sounds like they're paving the way for a comeback (or maybe that's just
> wishful thinking)).

I had noticed that. Its interesting to see all of this Sonic merchandise
appear, as you stated, a good year after the last big release. SOA is
still finding Sonic marketable, surely enough, stuff with Sonic on it
does sell, and well at that. What is SOA up to? Or perhaps they see that
the comic is selling so well that continued liscencing of products will
sell becuase the comic does so well. I guess time will tell.

Kiken signing off.

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