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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 18:21:33 -0600 (CST)

> On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, Max wrote:


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> At 12:38 PM 3/14/96 -0330, Ratman? wrote:
> Actually I don't like either platform. I just like the Sonic universe. The
> characters. The Sat AM show hooked me in, not the games.

I liked Sonic the first time I saw the game in a store display. The thing
I liked about Sonic was how fast the game could be. Sonic didn't plod
along like UberMario did.

I didn't get a Genesis until a few years later when I felt I could afford
one... Sega also had a special [Get a Genesis w/ Sonic and get Sonic 2 at
no extra cost].

I first heard about and saw the cartoon at the Chicago Consumer
Electronics Show a few months before it was on TV [I didn't watch much of
it at the show because the sound wasn't loud enough and there was lots to
see and time was running out].

I wasn't expecting too much of it because so many shows based on toys or
games were so pitiful ["Potato Head Kids" was possibly the WORST of the
bunch... anyone else see that unwatchable peice of garbage? Often I like
an occasional dumb and stupid show on TV once in a while but THAT show
couldn't even suck in new and interesting ways].

I was pleasently mistaken about the Sonic Cartoon. I liked Sonic before,
but I liked him much more when the cartoon came out.

I was disappointed that so few episodes were made (ABC didn't help matters
by showing the cartoon twice each saturday... 7 weeks and you're already
in reruns). I stopped watching it after a few months since I had all the
episodes on tape (well... all except one it turned out) (I learned about
the second season a few months after it had started airing).

Anyway... Enough of that:

On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, Max wrote:

> Unless Sega changes directions again, it's not likely to happen. :-(

Fight games in general are a 'rage'. You go to video game arcades and more
than half the new games are fight games it seems.

I've never been able to get into games like that though. If I wanted to
learn thousands of different stimulus-response reactions, then I'd learn
a REAL martial art as opposed to faking one in a game... For games...
just gimme something I can BLOW UP!

On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, mugg charles wrote:

> Kiken here, well, there's still a slim chance that V Sonic will make it
> to the states on the Saturn, this may re-awaken things. Thats a long shot
> though, and an even longer shot is hoping that SOA will release Figthing

Only a SLIM chance for Virtua Sonic? How come it seems that half of Sega's
games don't make it to the US? No wonder I keep hearing that
Sega's Saturn isn't doing all that well (Compared to PlayStation).

What's this about a Sonic Fighting game? How can you make Sonic a
fighting game?! I thought people were confusing Virtua Sonic with a
'Sonic Fighting Game' but now you're saying they're two separate entities?

 - - -

One thing which has always given me some hope for Sonic though... You
still see new products featuring the spiny blue guy (e.g. Sonic Pasta...
Sonic watch offer on Quaker Oatmeal... Sonic books) If they're phasing
Sonic out, why would they bother (I know it takes months to plan these
deals out but the last big Sonic game was out over a YEAR ago? It almost
sounds like they're paving the way for a comeback (or maybe that's just
wishful thinking)).

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