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Date: Mon, 11 Mar 96 19:58 EST

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>Subject: TV
>Has anyone thought of rewriting the TV show onto paper.
>Watch a epsode and type to down like story. If people want I could do this,
>let me see now I think one epsode writen on paper a week would be good.
>This should give a boost to Sonic story writers.
>I think it will be a god ide! I am trying to make a full siced cartoon,
based on the series. It will be a great help to me, if the stories, are
writet down on paper. (I soffer from cattaracts, so I carnt see werry well).
>Commander Sonic Data
Well I have started on the epsode Super Sonic the first one aired. I'll do
the dialog first the add the action and naration next. I don't think Sega
will mind as long as I give them and DIC the credits. After all they took
it off the air
what would be the harm of retyping it on paper. IF anything it'll inprove
and remind what people have missed for a long time.

If anyone wishs to help leave me E-mail.
This a nonprofet production. It will be free to everyone.

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