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From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 16:04:17 -0500 (EST)

>From: Theodore Patri Perrotti <tedp_at_WPI.EDU>

>> Has anyone thought of rewriting the TV show onto paper.
>> Watch a epsode and type to down like story. If people want I could do this,
>> let me see now I think one epsode writen on paper a week would be good.

>If you're talking about transcribing the whole episode, you'd better hope
>no one from SEGA or DIC read this message. References to the episode or
>even sound bites taken from them, they might allow. But, transcribing
>the entire episode...?!

I don't know about that; I transcribed "Buster's Guide to Dating" from Tiny
Toons and posted it to and nobody nailed me on it :^)
(BTW, if anybody wants a copy, e-mail me, not the list.)

RDB, can't think of a Sonic episode good enough to transcribe though...

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