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From: Kulock <>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 19:28:44 -0500 (EST)

>On Tue, 5 Mar 1996, Doug LoConti wrote:
>> Yes, you do. I would personally ask Ratman before you decide NOT to do
>> it again.
>I think you guys are completely missing the point.
>First of all, ignorance is no excuse. Here is a paragraph from the
>message that gets sent to you when you subscribe:
>--- cut ---
>Please do not post any of the following types of material: files,
>commercial advertising, personal ads, or anything obscene. If you do,
>you are subject to immediate removal from the list and suspension or
>termination of subscription privileges. If in doubt, please contact
>the list manager before posting. Sonic-related fan fiction, images,
>and sounds may be uploaded by ftp to or mailed to
>--- cut ---
>You see the point is, posting files to the mailing lit is strictly forbidden.
>Nobody should EVER post a file. Period. This is not up for debate.
>If you want to share a file, upload it to, or email it to just
>me, and I'll put it on the site. Then you can meantion that the file is
>on, and talk about it or whatever, but flat out posting the damn
>file to the list is a definate no-no.
>If you want to discuss this matter further, then write to me or other
>interested parties OFF LIST.

Jeez, A little touchy,aren't ya?
Kiken sent the pic attached because he wanted some people to notice more,
call something to our attention..I'm sorry,but if he had just included it on
his website or something, I prob would have put it off,but now I actually
see how much of a rip-off it is.Plus, it was a one-time fluke..

I am sorry for the ,well, rudeness of my letter, but it had to be said.

-Knuck's the Echidna

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