You've got DOOM 2099 in my X-Men 2099! (was Re: Behind The Scenes)

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> Dear Ken:
> popular comics as Spider-Man, Bat-Man, X-Men, Superman etc. IN DROVES for
> just that reason (and our research has shown that was one of the reasons our
> Turtles comic readership dropped as well).

I'd been reading some of the 2099 series comics for a while but eventually
'gave up' on them... not necessarily because of long stories but because
of excessive use of plots interconnected among several different comics..
Too many 'plot crossovers'. [I doubt this is the 'official' use of the term
'crossover' but that's how I'm defining it here]
Occasional crossovers can be interesting at time however Marvel has
decided to make practically EVERYTHING a crossover. (Also.. all the 2099
books seem to have this underlying DOOM 2099 thing which is really getting

Other unrelated comments:

At first I was suprised that the general plots for Archie's SONIC stories
are planned out so far in advance (especially the one involving Knuckles /
Archimedes / 'The Watcher' [my term for the Weird-guy-in-cloak-in-the-room-
with-all-the-tv-monitors] )

When was this whole concept first conceived (The first hint of it
appears to be in that 'Fire Drill' story... Sonic & Kuckles 48-page
special I think)?

Has the reader been given visual 'hints' as to what the heck is going
on? [ e.g. at one time 'The Watcher' says Knuckles has missed clues
right under his nose... but in that panel we see an old sign with
some words which don't seem to make much sense ]

(No need to comment on this if it'll give too much of the story away)

    - -

Wait a sec... wasn't Mighty captured? What's he doing in the 48 page
Sonic VS Knuckles special.

    - -

A while back people mentioned that Sonic (The Sat-AM series) was now on
the USA Cartoon Express on Sunday (9am Central?) but nobody mentioned
that Sonic (The daily series which everyone loves to hate) is also on
the USA network weekdays at 6:30am Central.

Now that we finally get cable I can finally get to see that show as well.

    - -

  Best inside joke which I havn't seen yet:

  Sonic (covering up Scratch's eyes from behind) -- "Guess who!"
  Scratch -- "Umm... That Urkle kid?"

  James Firmiss

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