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Dear Ken:

Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to address a topic which you have
been discussing with the Sonic fans here on the mailing list. That topic is
the limitation of space in our comics. As was pointed out, there isn't a
precedent here at Archie to have stories drag on for more than four issues at
a time or so (the "Knuckles" 2-pagers excepted of course-- thanks for
explaining that situation to everyone-- I would have myself if I was aware of
how confused everyone was over it!). Unfortunately, due to market
conditions, this will probably remain the case. Readers are leaving such
popular comics as Spider-Man, Bat-Man, X-Men, Superman etc. IN DROVES for
just that reason (and our research has shown that was one of the reasons our
Turtles comic readership dropped as well). The #1 feedback I get from
retailers who have polled their customers is that they want either
self-contained, one issue stories or storie arcs of only a few issues. The
bosses here at Archie have to be able to justify the expense of printing
these comics, as you know, which means there has to be profits. Extending
stories to last over several issues when the market is clearly not supporting
such things would not be a wise move, as I'm sure you'll understand. Now, if
the mailing list here comprised 90% of our readership instead of the other
way around, perhaps things will be different. In the meantime, as always,
you know I (and many of the fans here) applaud your efforts to provide a
specific continuity and mythology to these characters!

Take care,


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