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On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Doug LoConti wrote:

> No offense, (not YOU guys's fault, I blame Sega,) I HATE Antoine as a
> charachter. I'd actually like to see LESS of him. ;) (he's very
> annoying and doesn't provide that comic relief. I think Rotor is a

Some have said Antoine is the way he is because of shock brought on by
the war. Fine, but enough is enough. Our Vietnam veterans suffering
from PTSD have their problems, but acting like Antoine does (or similar
thereto) is quite exceptional for them. He is so inept you'd think the
other Freedom Fighters would, if nothing else, let him stay back in
Knothole. There's surely something he could do that even he can't screw
up while the others are out on missions. Remember when Sonic was willing
to let the cannibal hyenas just keep Antoine? The other FF's themselves
consider him dead-weight. Could his lack of a tail somehow be connected
to his apparent lack of a brain?

It doesn't have to be this way, though. I got 3 of the Teitelbaum books
last year, and Antoine wasn't half the dolt he is in the cartoons and
Archie comics. Archie did let Antoine sort-of succeed in a mission when
Tails left a power ring in M/Robotropolis. Maybe it's time to build on
that and let him mature slowly but surely over the next year or two, and
one day he will look back and think, "Oh how could I, Antoine Zee Great,
evair have been so... so stupide?".

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