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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 18:25:23 +0100 (MET)

On Sun, 11 Feb 1996 wrote:

> And Now, a Public Message from The FoxFire Studio Web Page
> ---Ahem----
> As I was typing this article out, I was noticing that the majority of the
> internet are now dressed in black, as it were. They are currently in morning
> over the fact that Satan's child, a.k.a. Bill Clinton, who may be defiling
> the oval office with his presence but was never and will never be my
> president, (Rush Limbaugh is, you damn fools!!!) has signed the
> Telecomunications Bill that makes cybersmut a crime and demands Violence
> Chips on TVs. You might think that I'm joining in on this "party," because
> some of my pages are black, expecially the ones with the big pictures of my
> artwork on it.

Mine are black, to protest against censorship, which is Bad.

> They are *not* black for the above reason. They are black so you can see the
> pics better. No other.

As with my Transformerspage, to give the black TF look.

> I find myself IN FAVOR of *somebody* controlling the availability of material
> hazordous to minors on the Net (That's *smut* you dumb_at_$$!!), because I
> believe that there is just too much Sexual Material crammed into their lives
> all at once. Whatever happening to having fun, just making friends, and
> getting to *know* your net.lover before you go to the back seat of your
> 486DX2-66? Surely Nodoby on the net will pass a law to outlaw *that*!!! I
> will discuss this further later on in American Kitsune.

No smut is going to jump up on their screens. You have to actively search
for it. OTOH, what is bad is censorship. Especially trying to censor an
international medium. A net.lover is a completely different thing than a
Is AK a fanfic of yours?

> I would like to assure to my little rest stop on the Information Superhighway
> and the Telecomuniation Bill *will not in any way* affect this page. I do
> not allow such crap to even touch my page, and therefore do not have anything
> for whoever's playing net.police raise a stink about. The same goes for
>, now that the hentai ('Perverts' to those who aren't in Anime)
> department was removed, half a year before this Bill. The same goes for the
> remainer of the Sonic Pages. We're not here. We're just a
> bunch of guys and gals discussing a Video Game universe for Pete's Sake! And
> In a network the size of the entire cosmos, to boot!! You think that anyone
> outside our little world *cares*? I don't.

I don't care at all what people do in, and noone
should. It's their business, and on the net you mind you own business. If
you drag your kids online, then you have to take responsibility for them.
I think I'll put up a page with the images from the perv directory, once
I find them all, just for the Pete of it.

> The average Joe Cyberjock will not be affected by the Telecommunications bill
> which is trying to keep NC-36 rated crap from people who don't need it in
> their lives. All this laments of censorship is just hysterical parinoia
> brought on by pinko commie liberals with tiny minds who think primarily with
> their penises. They can have their little pics of doing dogs and naked ugly
> performance artists with a bullwhip in their anus. I just don't want them,
> and the same goes for most of my fans!!! That's all. The Net is NOT dead!!
> Long live the Net!!! And The FoxFire Studios will still be trucking down
> the Information Superhighway, no matter *what* Exon will think about it.

This is quite a fatal blow to freedom and the net. Most of the most-read
groups on the net are in fact groups with either the word "sex" or
"erotica" in them, and the most searched-for word in the Web search
engines are "sex". It isn't their business what people do with their
computers. Hopefully, the saying "Internet interprets censorship as
damage and routes around it.". There are still many countries and servers
from which you may post your pictures and stories, so this will only make
the people it wants ti get to go underground or route around it.

> Remember: The only way to stop me is to kill me, and if I'm dead tomorrow,
> Clinton did it.


> Please Support your Favorite Smut-Free Web Sites

Nah. Never liked the Crocket guy.

BTW, what does this have to do with the list? =)

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