Re: Why why *WHY*???

From: Paul Lapensee <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 96 07:58 EST

Yes why...
The cartoon was great, nothing came close to it.
The first sesion was darker then the second. Robotnik was dark and evil,
very smart, just one problem the freedom fighters. The cartoon went on freedom
fighters aganst robots. Even through they could blow up a station or two
the problem still remained. Swatbots where replaced as fast as they where
distroyed, bulidings took longer. Some freedom fighters ever so often got
cault and roboticized. It looks like there was little hope in this war.
The only thing that keep them from giving up was a hedghog named Sonic and a
Princess by his side named Sally. They where the main driving force of this
battle, they would never give up. They would die if needed to save Mobus.

Aside from that it was fun. Bunnie a victum of an incomplete roboticization,
uses her disfigured body to fight along side the freedom fighters.
The first sesion has alot of Bunnie. The second session very little she became
a player in the back ground.
Rotor uses his skill to help them in the both and second session equaly.
Antione a very usless wind bag who is used as comic relif most of the time.
Tails was keeped a bit in the back ground, because he was too young to fight
alond side Sonic. The second session he does more.

The second session seem to focus on Sonic, Sally and a bit of Robotnik.
It was used as a history lession most of the time.
Robotnik has lost most of his self control in this session. It appears that
Sonic and the freedom fights are realy starting to get on his nerves.

There is a big battle at the end, and it looks like Robotnik is gone for good.
Snively his helper takes over of whats left of Robotnik's empire.

The TV show get cut short of answering that burning question. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

And people wonder why people like us don't just give up on this hole Sonic

Because we don't want to.

Every wants to get into the story by creating storys. Some write true Sonic
story others write there virsion. Even some create storys that include them
selves. I find that there is nothing wrong with this idea.

If you don't want to read them then don't. I like a good story as much as every
one else. Weather it be true Sonic or not.

My only wish is that ARCHIE improves SONIC storys. After all TMNT is better
then the show ever was. Why can't this happen with SONIC, what is holding
them back? If they would only read Bookshires storys and page. And use this
as a starting point for the comic.

The freedom fighters start chearing. "FOR A BETTER SONIC COMIC!"

I feel better now thank you for listening.


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