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may i consider this to be a down time in the Sonic Mailing List?

[hiding behind a rock with a fire extinguisher to advoid flying 20-point

I would admit as much as anyone, sex is a *very* touchy topic for writers,
expecially with Sega's crackdown and my brush with (((Sonia's))) parents.
 [Read "A Time for Honesty" for my response. It's on my web page.]

As for Violence, I won't exactly *deny* it in my stories. Heck, it's in the
pracking *title* ["Blood and Metal"] for crying out loud. However, is you
would notice, I keep the violence exclusively aimed at the poor shmoes who
desparately deserve it; my target's are primarily Swatbots, Packbell on
occasionally, maybe Snively and even >gasp< Ro-Butt-Nik ("FLAME HIM FOR THE
TWENTY" SWWWWWOOOCHHHH!!). Never at the freedom fighters...

My two bits. . . . If you don't like sex or violence, I just have to ask you:

Just what the flying phrack are you *doing* in the Net?

David Gonterman []<<<<------Get BAMned!!!!

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