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From: Eric Goodwin <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 18:00:40 -0500

On Jan 30, 1996 15:10:33, ' (Kris Kelley)' wrote:
>a handful of authors, and a developing RP saga on FurToonia.
As for the furtonia RP, the big problem with it being like the show, is
because some of the main character names are being used, and those using
them either arent on or just do not wish to TP. :/
>jumped on the bandwagon intent on throwing their own characters (if
>not *themselves*) into the bunch, that there are all these stories out
>that serve as little more than a cry of "Hey, look at me, I'm here too
>or maybe a cry of, "I'm better than Sonic! I can save Mobius by myself!"
...Guess you're right on that part... I made Kain, but not to get him all
the attention away from Sonic or the others... Thats why i'm taking so long
on making another story: I want the stories to be more focused on Sonic and
the crew; not Kain.
>I had a talk with a friend of mine once about what makes good fan-fic.
>It's the same thing that make the original material good: decent
>storywriting and a decent plot that involves the characters we all know
>love, not all these add-ons. Maybe that's why many people here site
>"Bloodlines" (Dan Drazen) and "The Temporal Syndrome" (Shawn Wolski) as
>favorite stories: they are some of the best examples of writing that I
>seen, and they revolve around Sonic, Robotnik, and the other central
>characters. Any additional characters (such as Sandy) are there for the
>story, not the other way around. But is this what most of the recent
>has been like? No.
*nods* You've made another point there I didnt see before... And yes those
two stories are prolly the best i've ever seen in Sonic material.
Well, i'm sorry you're leaving, but its your choice. *shrug*

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