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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 00:28:56 -0700 (MST)

        Well, folks, this is my first post to the mailing list. Hope it
makes it to you all.

        I've been writing fan fics for a while now, and this is the Sonic
one that I've done in the Blood and Metal storyline with David Gonterman.

        I decided to share it with all of you on the list, if you haven't
already seen it on David's web page.

        I hope you like it.

        And I remain,

        Most sincerely,

        Edward Becerra


Visions in the Wind: Beginnings

by Ed Becerra.


   A rolling prairie, somewhere on Mobius.

   It's nighttime.

   A coyote is sitting in the grass, legs crossed, in front of a small,
dying fire. He looks up, to the distant stars. His eyes glow with a
brilliant golden light.

   He hasn't taken either food or water for some days now. He's been
fasting, for a spiritual quest. His name is Edward Anthony Coyote, but for
some time now, the rest of the Wild Pack has simply called him "Kickaha".
It means 'Trickster' in the old tongue. They had a good reason for it.

   Kickaha's spirit isn't here. That's what the fasting is supposed to do.
Free the spirit from the body. Right now, Edward's spirit is speaking with
his guide.

   Somewhere else...

   *Alright, alright, already! I'm here. Whaddaya want this time?*

   #There's someone new on Mobius. Someone I want to meet.#

   *There's someone new on Mobius every day. They're called "babies".

   #I _meant_, there is someone new on Mobius, who isn't _FROM_ Mobius.
He's from the Earth. I think he's one of my children.#

   *Hey, you got enough children to fill a sports stadium. What do ya need
with this one?*

   #I believe he's one of _us_.#



   *So... Why haven't you spoken to him about it?*

   #I've tried. He can't hear me. Somebody needs to tell him about me, an=
point him in the right direction. Towards me.#

   *Lemme guess. I'm elected.*

   #Bright boy! Give that coyote a peace pipe and tell him what he's won.#

   *If I know you, it's a no-expenses paid trip to the other side of

   #Right the first time. So here's what I want you to do. You're going t=
travel to the Great Forest, and find a hidden village called Knothole.
That's where Princess Sally's Freedom Fighters live. When you get there,
find the tall fox with the robotic arm called Davey Crockett. He's the

   *I thought you said he was from Earth. They only have humans there.*

   #It's a long story.#

   *Right. Figures. So I'm supposed to guide him to you, the way the
shaman did with me?*


   *Fifty Mobians says it's a VERY long walk.*

   #You'd win that bet, if I'd taken it. So you'd better get back to your
body, and get started.#

   *Just my luck. How am I supposed to recognize him?*

   #He's got a cyborg arm. How hard can it be?#

   *_That's_ a stupid question, Old Man. You're a spirit of mischief.
Murphy's your beer buddy and poker pal. Whatever CAN go wrong is definitel=
GONNA go wrong. You think I haven't noticed? With our luck, there's
probably five hundred cyborg foxes out there.*

   #<embarrassed look> Never mind that. Just go. With your injuries,
you're going to need all the head start that you can get. Besides, there's
a surprise in it for you.#


   #If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. Now go.#

   *All right. But you're going to owe me for this one. Big time.*

   There is a quiet moment.

   #Thank you... Grandson.#

   *Don't mention it... Grandfather.*

   Back on the prairie...

   Kickaha rises painfully, and if there were anyone watching they'd notice
his twisted back as he stands. The golden light fades from his eyes. He
reaches for the ironwood throwing cane lying beside him. He ties up his
bedroll, and lashes it to his pack. He carefully puts out the coals of his
campfire and throws his pack across his shoulders. Taking his cane in his
right paw, he limps off into the starry night.

   "Now, if I can only remember which way the Great Forest is..." he
mutters. "Rassafrassin' furshlugginer felgercarbin' _at_#^$вд*%&!... "

   His voice fades into the silence.

   To Be Continued...


Now for the legal stuff.

Davey Crockett & the Wild Pack
Copyright by David Gonterman

Copyright by Edward Becerra

Coyote is a spirit of the native peoples of the Americas.
Please respect him as you would your own beliefs.

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