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Hello again!
     During the past couple of weeks I thought up of a couple of
ideas (maybe they are even good enough for your FAQ Dan).

     First of all, I have an opinion on Sonic's speed:
He was born the same as he is now, except for his speed (Blue
hedgehog with a cool attitude, but with normal speed). Then, one
day, he came in contact with a very strong power source (This
happened before he was five, since in "Blast to the Past" he
already had his speed <Chuck's ring prototype?>). His body got
filled with energy, and to keep themselves from disintegrating(?),
his cells had to mutate (there was plenty of energy to do that).
First of all, the cells reconfigured themselves to be able to take
in energy at great speed (thus no fatigue from running too fast),
and they also needed a safe way of getting rid of that energy.
Giving it off as heat energy would probably burn the body
(literally), so the next best method it could think of was KINETIC
ENERGY! (the muscle cells now can expand and contract very quickly,
thus burn off anergy safely, quickly, and at the same time, kick
some fat butt). Now the only problem that Sonic has, is that
"addiction" to chilli dogs, junk food, and any other fatty foods
that can provide a lot of calories (hey! another explanation!).

     I got my copy of the tapes last saturday (thanks Ron), and I
couldn't find the map that's printed out so clearly in my head (in
fact, I can recall every detail of the picture). Also I was
disappointed when in Blast to the Past, I saw that Bunny was not
robotisized when she was a kid. I also had a "snap-shot" of her
being robotisized as a kid in my head, and believed 100 percent
that that was true. I also believe 100 percent that Sally is about
2 month older that Sonic, but can't find any proof (I feel about
that about as much as I feel about birds being able to fly). And
last, I really think that after Doomsday, and Robotnik's thought
off defeat, Robotnik will come back in about two month (very
disfigured, but nothing a little plastic surgery can't fix). Am I
so obsessed with Sonic that my brain attracts information directly
form Mobius? (sounds like an episode of X-Files) I have no idea.
The only thing I know is that I just all of a sudden know some part
of that world, and can't get it out of me.

     One more thing. In the episode Heads or Tails (the very badly
drawn one in comparison to others), Sally Alicia looks exactly like
the one in the game Sonic Spinball (what was made first, DiC
episodes, or the game? And what was based on what? And why the heck
is there Sally <and Bunny, and the rest of the gang> in the game,
but there is no Knothole, Snively, or anything else we've come to
admire? And why am I taking up all your valuable time with all
these questions?)

     Thank you for your time (are you actually still reading?)

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Here's an interesting quote:
"I am going to overload this sucker!"-Sally, hating the backup
generators for going online, in Sonic Racer.

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