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Subject: Re: Order for Fanfic?

> I was at Bookshire's page and saw all the stories there, what I'm wondering
> is what is the order they should be read in story wise.
> I realize that it might not make a difference with stories by different
> authors, but some authors have used other others characters and I'd like to
> know the order they should be read in. Thanks.
> Michael Kraft (

That's a pretty tall order, Michael! I'm not sure I can even remember
all the stories! There is one recommendation I can make, though: read
"Tolouse's (sp?) Story", "Run With the Fox", and "On my Mother's Grave"
in that order and before you read "Nothing for Granted".

Oh yeah, read "Starship Down" before reading "Everything Changes" or
"This Island Floating (I think that's the title, anyway)". After
"Starship Down", there are one or two other stories featuring Joseph, a
character introduced in "Starship Down", that you should read before
reading the latter two. Unfortunately, I can't remember their titles. I
hope this helps!

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