Re: Sonic intro AVI.

From: Eric Goodwin <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 01:14:32 -0500

On Jan 20, 1996 21:56:28, 'Michael Kraft <>' wrote:
>18 Megs????
>That's rediculous. The one there without the theme song (just words) is
>2 megs. I think you
>should compress the AVI before you send it to Rat.
I did compress it. I used the same compression format that was used ont he
Wheezer.avi from the Win95 cd. Used Digital Video Prodicer ot edit the AVI.
Was 52 megs in uncompressed AVI. *shrugs* I coudl try it again, but it cant
get much smaller. And sound takes up alot.

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