Re: new AVI file

From: Eric Goodwin <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 17:08:06 -0500

On Jan 15, 1996 14:57:30, 'Ratman <>' wrote:
>Ok, got a Sonic AVI file finally.
>It's the intro that was previously talked about. It's pretty neat
>If I could get my hands on an AVI editor, I could splice the theme song
>/pub/sonic/sounds/ to make a version with lyrics and

>good quality sound.
I can make AVI files, up to 44000khz or whatever it is in 16-bit stereo,
but I need an avi editor that lets me compress the stuff. I can record it
uncompressed, but gawd. TOO HUGE to leave uncompressed. :P If anoyne knows
of some good AVI editors, lemme know. I could make alotta AVI files. (Tried
to make one of a scene from the Dulcy episode for a friend in Germany, but
uncompressed it was 40 megs! and it was only 30 seconds long)

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