Sonic Intro

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 16:28:50 GMT

Heya all,

I was just watching the introduction to the Sonic cartoon. (I runs every
time I start windoze as I have it in AVI and have put it in my startup..
though it was taken from the S.A. version and has no voice.. just the
music.. of course it is better rather than a Zulu singer doing the intro.
"Mshe u bitsa gona, uSonic e Phemekela!")

Anyways, I was wondering. In the intro we see Sonic speeding through the
forest, outrunning Robotniks ships to tell Uncle Chuck and some unknown
furry to look up at the big ugly coming over the palace.

Now here's what I was wondering, since Robotnik took over when Sonic was
about five, how come we see a teenage Sonic running through the forest. And,
what's more.. when we see inside the ship where Robotnik is stroking his
robo-parrot .. how come his arm is robotocized? (His left arm was
robotocized when he fell into an open robotocizer, when Sonic went to rescue
his avational fox pal.. and that was *after* the invasion.)

Is the intro a set of clips from multiple shows or something?

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