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From: Brad Clark <>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 23:53:25 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 14 Jan 1996, Doug LoConti wrote:

Bleagh...I didn't like the pink, allthough she DID appear pink in one
epsisode of the Sat AM show...It was in the first season, I can't
remember which ep it was
> I kinda liked her pink.... it doesn't really matter, though.... hey, does
> ANYBODY think that.... umm... they will re-air Sonic? I heard something
> about a third season...could this be? Just curious.... hey, by the way,

I WISH!!! and let it be on a major network so I can get it here in
Canada too :) I think the exec's who cancelled Sonic made a very stupid
mistake...We can only hope they learned something from it and it doesn't
happen again...however I've heard rumours that the persons behind ABC SAT
AM line up for this season aren't there anymore, so I guess all we can do
is keep out fingers crossed...maybe those of us who wrote in to DIC
didn't waste a stamp after all. <shrug>

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