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From: Doug LoConti <>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 11:14:31 -0500 (EST)

>Matt Penna,
>> Did it occur to any of you that we may never know Princess Sally's
>> real species?
>..ohhh, this is potential flame-war material. :)
>I've covered this before (see the list-archive for my message from
>July 5th), and IMO the only consistent answer to Princess Sally's
>species is Weasel. There's the thin body, the brown pelt, the shape
>of her head, etc, etc, et al., et al.. In Sonic #26, one of the
>Arctic Mobians is Erma [the Ermine], and sans the white front (as
>all European stoats have), she and Sally are identical in appearance.
>Draz should mention this in the FAQ. :)
>What evidence is there for the claim Sally is a [ground] squirrel or
>chipmunk, eh? The colour of the pelt and its markings aren't even
>there.. (Well, at least that extremely contrived idea that Sally is
>a Fox who fell for that foolish adolescent fad of having her tail
>bobbed appears to have been forgotten.. Self-mutilation, ick.)
> > Personally, I think she was adopted. I think she's
> > a cross between a squirrel and a chipmunk. What do you think?
> > Maybe a hybrid fox?
>There isn't any evidence in the Mobian universe for the existence
>of cross-breeds.. A theory proposed in the very early days of the
>mailing list is the character's species is determined by the
>appropriate parent, that is, Sally's Mum was a Weasel too.
>(Whatever happened to the Queen anyway?)
>(Hey, it's only a coincidence that my RP character is a Weasel too.. ;)

An answer to it all: GOT to be/have SOMETHING do to with a squirrel! Her
last name is Acorn! :)

Maybe a new species?? We're so limited to thinking she has to be from=
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