Re: Bunnie Rabbot says hi...w/ a question (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 07:14:32 +1100

> An answer to it all: GOT to be/have SOMETHING do to with a
> squirrel! Her last name is Acorn! :)

So is her Dad's, and he was a Fox!

(And my surname before my parent's divorce was Rose! (No, I'm not
related to any pink Hedgehogs.) Do Amy or I look like, uh, things
which eats roses to you?)

> Maybe a new species?? We're so limited to thinking she has to be
> from Earth....

That was mentioned back in July too. Why do people have a problem
with Weasel?? It's only in a few Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons
have I ever seen them portrayed in anything like a lower caste..

(It's also nice to think of Sally and Bunnie friendship is
irregardless of their species-- if one good thing came out of
the War, its abolised ancient prejudices once and for all..)

> I just got stimied (inside joke, but..) shouldn't/wouldn't Paul
> know if Sally was a fox or a squirel or whatever? Just
> curious....

My opinion of Archie is they're publishing the almost-mythical
story of the War about a thousand years after the event, and a
lot of details were confused when the story was passed down to
each generation after the next.. (For an example, when they
started they thought Sally was /pink/! It was only after that
their rent-a-scholars realised the error..)


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