Re: Sally and Sonic

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 15:28:15 CST

Erich Shulman asked:

>> I was reading the synopses of past issues of the Sonic comic book
>> (in this list's FAQ), and I came across one synopsis (for Sonic
>> #18) that mentioned Robotnick learning of Sonic and Sally's "impending"
>> wedding. Was this wedding part of the fantasy induced by Robotnick
>> in Sleepy Hollow, or was the wedding for real?
>> Are they married now?
>> Please let me know, as these issues came out before I subscribed
>> to the comic.

Dmitry Murashchik replied:

> I think that all of this was real, but the marriage didn't do through,
> due to Robotnik. So, I gues the answer is:
> No, they are not maried.

If I remember correctly, the wedding was part of a play they were
putting on. Robotnik confused it with a real one. I have Sonic #18
(as well as all the other Archie Sonic comics) so I can look it up
to make sure.

Arg... still quite a few mailings to go thorugh.

-- James Firmiss

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