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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 15:07:13 CST

Holy Macaroni!

I step away from my account for 5 days and I get 150 messages on this list.
I don't want to shut off the info about 'Twisted-Mettle' however I think
alot of the discussion here can be shuffled off to private e-mail.

Perhaps occasional (weekly?) updates and lists of 'submitted suggestions'
might be useful and more tolarable for those not actively involved with
this game.

Back to the topic I was going to talk about...
> On Mon, 1 Jan 1996 wrote:
> > Did anyone of you notice that in some written stories, Snively hates
> > Robotnik, and want's to do away with him, while in DiC episodes, Snively and
> > Robotnik enjoy each other's company quite alot? I can't think of any
> > examples, but I do know that somehow.
> As far as I can see in the cartoon, Snively always grumbles things like
> "That big round guy" and the such. They have quite a tense relationship.

I noticed that Snively's feelings tward Robotnik seemed to have changed
a bit from the 1st season to the 2nd. In the first season I felt that
Snively shared Robotnik's 'vision' although he fearful of his uncle's
rage. In the 2nd season, Snively was considerably more 'defiant' to
Robotnik's rule (e.g. muttering insults) and was just going along with
him partially out of fear but also because he knew he could take over
if/when Robotnik made a fatal mistake. We were never quite sure how
different Snively's 'vision' was from Robotnik's.

[I also heard the TV show 'Deadly Games' has been cancelled too...
 Bummer... I liked that one]

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