Re: Poeple posting on the list.

From: Iggy \ <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 19:35:51 +0100 (MET)

On Sat, 6 Jan 1996, Doug LoConti wrote:

> >okokok...(-I- don't suck by the way) But how about giving Dulcey a part
> >in the game...maybe something to do with flying, or maybe a level where
> >Dulcey has to fly a non-flying character somewhere. Just a thought.
> >
> It'd be cool, but we all SUCK with flying characters! (yes, even I) cannot
> program something like that! If Dulcy was walking, MAYBE.... :(

Hmmm... I've only programmed AMOS and other BASIC dialects, but is a
flying character harder? They don't have to think so much about gravity
and where they can move or not. Shouldn't it in fact be easier?

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