Twisted Mettle ideas...

Date: Sat, 06 Jan 1996 01:52:03 EST

I haven't done too much in Pascal, but I could help a LITTLE in that area.
Also, with my new scanner, I could do graphics (considering I figure out
how to get it to resize the graphics to a square inch instead of 5 square
screens <G>)...plot? Hmmm, that's a toughie, we hafta depart from the old
"Robotnik tries to roboticize all the Mobians and the Freedom Fighters stop
him" storyline...perhaps the FF find a special artifact that could
potentially allow them to win the war if they play their cards right? Hmmm...

Oh, and for whoever was talking about how many sentients probably exist on
Mobius? Again, that's a toughie. First, you have to decide whether you
can consider the robots "sentient"; for, as Uncle Chuck said, they can
still think and feel what's happening around them, but can't make any
decisions. I'd say there are maybe a few thousand sentients who escaped
roboticization, max.


Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed.

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