Re: 'Twisted Mettle' Plot?

From: Matthew Penna <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 22:01:42 -0500

>> I MIGHT be good for the art stuff..........
>>........ BUT ONE SQUARE INCH????
>That's how big the characthers are going to be... ;) fine, babies...
><J/K>...I'll shrink whatever... sheesh! ;)

Actually, Mighty, I thought that in any form of publishing, be it printed
matter or video, things were shot large, and then resized to be about 1/3 to
1/2 as large as the originals. Aside from being much easier to work with,
when you resize it, any errors or imperfections are almost impossible to
see. Just curious. I haven't had much programming experience beyond some
elementary level Pascal, so I could be wrong.


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