Re: StH Tapes

From: Ron Bauerle <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 17:05:26 -0500 (EST)

>Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 16:11:27 -0500

>On 96-01-03 00:11:45 EST, David Pistone (Bookshire Draftwood) wrote:

>>I'm exceptionally pre-occupied these days, and making a
>>full copy of both seasons episodes is a very tough thing for me to do.
>>However, I'll keep your address on file here on my system, and, if I manage
>>to get the time together, I'll make the guarantees, I'll have to
>>see what I can do...the fee will still be $10.

>I understand. Your reply is good enough for me.

Not to steal David's business or anything :^), and at the risk of being
masochistic, but I have both seasons (except for the lame Robecca/Odd Couple
episode) on two EP-speed VHS tapes, commercials are included. I'm willing
to copy them for $10 postpaid (Canada/foreign will need more for shipping).
If interested, e-mail me for my address (I don't think I'll just give it
out her in case Sega/DIC is listening :^))

I should be able to get the tapes mailed two Saturdays after receiving the
money, unless I get two dozen requests at once (and if I _do_ get that
many, I may have to do what I did with my Muppet tapes: copy my originals
to another set and duplicate _them_ to save my originals from wear and tear).


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