Re: Sonic Game Project stuff

From: John W. Johnston <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 96 12:05:57 MST

>I see all these posts about a sonic game which people on this list
>seem to be working on but has anyone here heard of a Sonic game (maybe
>a port of an existing sonic game) being brought to the PC Game market?
>I remember seeing an ad at 'Best Buy' (A chain of discount home
>electronics stores) for getting a Sonic PC game (when the game is
>released) with the purchase of a specific computer system.
>Anyone else see this? Anyone have any more info on this (i.e. will
>it be a port of an existing Sonic game or a new game entirely).

Well, not exactly. I did hear Sega was going to make a PC version of the
Sonic CD. It wont be too long before it is released. Check the Sega Web
Page for more details.

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