Re: My theory.

From: John W. Johnston <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 96 23:03:32 MST

>Since I wasn't here for the last year, I dont know if you guys figured out
>the reason for ABC's cancelation of DiC's Sonic episodes. Anyway (I think I
>used this word 24 times allready. Anyone got a replacement?) I have an
>interesting theory that I worked out, and at the same time disproved, and
>then proved.

Check the Sonic FAQ Sheet in my web page. There are currently three
theories listed.

>Since this list opened up way before the cancelation of the episodes,
>somebody migh have found it and noticed that the main Audience for the show
>would be us, and not 8-12 year olds. Besides, 8-12 year olds might have
>trouble understanding the circuimstances of the story. We, on the other hand,
>do. ABC was probably getting low ratings on the show, since the kids, weren't
>that much into it, and we were either in an inconvenient time to watch it, or
>were worrying for our reputation too much to watch it in public. Then why
>didn't ABC move the show to a more convenient time for us? Maybe they didn't
>have enough money.
>This is my theory, and I ran out of things to write.

That is a very good theory.

BTW. Dan, if you're reading this, maybe you can add this one.

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