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From: Matthew Penna <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996 19:01:37 -0500

>This schizophrenia continues even in the comics. While some writers
>(such as Kanterovich and Penders in the Sally Miniseries) can take the
>"fight" in Freedom Fighters seriously, other writers like DeCesare and
>Gallagher have to keep the jokes coming.

I understand what you mean, and I must say that I've noticed a degree of
inconsistency in the writing styles, myself. I really think they could do
more to ensure that the storylines and the character development are more
consistent on an issue to issue basis. Sometimes I put down an issue and I
think, "Jeez, that was cool!" Other times, I feel like I'm Mr. Rogers.
"Hello boys and girls. Can you say 'plot?' Sure you can!"

>Paul left the impression
>that the comics have to pass review from representatives of SEGA who
>insist that the material be kept "light." But there's a difference
>between banter with a humorous edge, and going into some mindless
>joke-telling mode.

If it is true that Sega has a large say in what the comics turn out to be
like, then I say they're shooting themselves in the foot by harming the
EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION. It's that simple. I don't suppose anybody was a fan of
the Ninja Turtles series which was put out by Archie? In it's final 2 years,
I truly enjoyed what they were doing with it. They explored the characters'
emotions and the writers were creating very intricate plotlines, with
complex themes. They just kept setting up more interesting events making you
drool in anticipation of the next issue. Sonic just seems to be turning into
a Joke-a-Thon more and more with each passing issue. The emotional and
character development just isn't there, and when an attempt is made, it
usually falls flat on it's face because it just doesn't fit in.

>Personally, I'm convinced that the Sonic team at Archie believes that
>their primary readership consists of 8-12 year old boys. As a result,
>they are not about to explore some of the harder realities of the

This fact may be due to Sega's influence, as well. I believe that 8-12 year
olds are Sega's main target audience for...(guess what?) the Sonic the
Hedgehog games.

>Until such a time when SEGA authorizes an illustrated novel featuring
>Sonic, I don't expect the situation to change at Archie any time soon.
>In the meantime, those of us who aren't hesitant to deal with such
>things can always post fanfic.

Such a thing would truly be cool. Since it is doubtful that this is going to
happen, however, I hope that all of you budding authors out there continue
to share your talents with us. Keep the fan fic coming! I can't get enough
of it. We can only hope that Sega doesn't poke their nose into this area
like they did the pics. Until that happens, I'm going to be optimistic.
Let's also hope that something happens to wake Sega and Archie up.
Good goals for 1996, wouldn't you say? :)


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