Conspiracy vs. the Net...AGAIN!

From: Modemac <>
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 1995 13:18:06 GMT

Hear hye, hear ye, hear ye! I, a Duly Ordained SubGenius Minster, do
hereby make this MYSTIC PROPHECY using the clairvoyance granted me by my
attainment of the Sacred State of Slack:


Here's a Web page for you to look at that proves the truth of this prophecy:

This is the URL for the Web page known as "Roadkills R Us." As the title
suggests, this Web page makes fun of Toys-R-Us, the megastore chain that
drove Child World out of business and is gobbling up the competition.

What did the Web page in question do? Why, they merely made fun of the
giraffe that Toys-R-Us has as its corporate symbol.

And what did Toys-R-Us do in return? They threatened a lawsuit against
the owner of the Web page. What's more, they "confidentially" contacted
his Internet service provider and requested that his access to the
Internet be removed ENTIRELY.

In the grand tradition of the Net, these actions backfired. The page is
now very popular, and the person running the p[age has gotten coverage in
newspapers and on TV.

Thanks to the 2 Live Crew case, parody and satire is protected under the
U.S. Constitution. Therefore, Toys-R-Us doesn't have a leg to stand instead, they've tried to act like bullies.

Typical for the Conspiracy, don't you think?

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Ahh, I just love when the bad guys lose...


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