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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 18:50:39 -0600 (CST)

Quozl... I enjoy all sorts of Sonic Stories... even those that don't mesh
with any sort of 'set sonic universe'. I'd be interested in seeing that
story(s) with Bunny.

Sonic This -- Sonic #31

Archie Comic's Sonic #31 was at my local comic shop not long ago. In the
main story "A Robot Rides the Rails" we see the return of Geoffery St.
John as the freedom fighters battle Robotnik's latest robotic menace. Two
other stories include a 2-page teaser for a Knuckles Solo Story ("Lost...
and Found"). We also have the start of a solo story featuring ROTOR!
Yup! You heard right. It's titled "Tundra Road".

-- Story --
I don't like to spoil stories for people so I'll just say that Sonic
definitly has some competition when it comes to trying to wind the hand of
Princess Sally. Sonic thinks Sally is just trying to get him jealous and
vows "Two can play at that game!".

Hrmmm.. Maybe he's gonna start going out with Amy Rose (she seems a bit
young for Sonic though... especially as she was portrayed before). Bunnie
doesn't seem like Sonic's type (more like Rotor's type if you ask me).
Who's left [Penelope the Platypus from Freedom Fighters: The Next
Generation (My term for those new guys introduced in the Sally Miniseries)
(I think that's her name.. I'm doing this from memory [I also have too
many nested parentheses... as usual])]

-- Art --
Hrm... I can't quite put my finger on what I find 'wrong' with the way the
main story is drawn (inking, penciling, even coloring?). Emotions and
facial expressions don't seem to mesh, the characters at times look too
stiff, Tails' tails are doing the splits, proportions don't seem right.
Sonic is the best-drawn here. Maybe I'm just being too picky.

The artwork in Rotor's story is the best in this issue.

-- Letters and News in Sonic Grams --
Knuckles Miniseries delayed until April '96 (Spaz and Harvo will be
drawing it Mike Kanterovich and Ken Penders will be writing it) but
Knuckles Solo stories will continue in 'Sonic' proper. The story in
#34 will lead to his own mini-series.

Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles 48-Page Special... No news other than it
is being worked on.

In the letters, Peter Draper asks how Dylan's name is pronounced
[ It's apparently "DILL-an" ].
I still want to know if Dylan is a hedgehog or a porcupine
(and if he's a hedgehog (which he kinda looks more like) why does he look
so different from Sonic, Amy Rose, and Uncle Chuck?).

Peter also asks if the voice Knuckle's hears in "First Contact" is his
dad's. [ 'Close' but apparently not ]

By the way... Anyone on this list ever get a letter published in

Sonic That -- Sonic Book

I saw a new Sonic book. Arrg.. I forget the author and publisher but it
is one of those kids books with the buttons along the side which make
assorted annoying noises. I noticed the Sally button has her laughing.

Sonic The Other Thing -- Sonic Games

Yes, I know this list isn't about the games but at least I waited until I
had something else to say as well... I also put this section last in
case people got bored with the rest of my letter and hit the 'Next' button)

I just noticed that the Game Gear has about 5 Sonic-Based titles
(including a new Tails game) which the Genesis (known as the Mega System
outside the USA... so I'm told) doesn't have. Whaaa! I can't afford a
Game Gear (and at this point, something better will probably come out
soon). The Sonic Labarynth one looks interesting though.

Also... Not long ago I drew up sphere-for-sphere maps of all fourteen
'run-around-the-globe-getting-blue-spheres' bonus levels found in Sonic 3
and Sonic & Knuckles (lotta pausing, lotta patience, lotta colored dots on
graph paper)... If there's any interest I might draw em up on a computer
and makes GIFs or PNGs out of them.

Jeez! "Mega System"? What a horrid name.

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