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>Q. If ABC cancelled the STH series, does anybody or a team of people, want
>write a fanfic story about the end. Not some cliffhanger, but the full end,
>you know, Sonic spin dashes Snively. Sally gets hold of a Swat-bot laser and
>turns 'ol wizardo into a carbon-copy. Good old king Acorn, who is a fox,
>somehow gets free from the void. Sal's mother's story is revealed, and
>everything is beautifull and nice. the end.
> OR
>Snively was far more evil than robotnik, after he blew Sonic in half it
>take long before he robotocized the rest of the foolish freedom fighters,
>he became the ruler of Mobius. [If U do though.. well.. heheheh]
>So.. what about it.. a final end. THE END. Mobius becomes pwetty, and all
>boiwdies tweet once more in twees. Hmmm?

Er, Alabaster, what do you think Blood and Metal is? |:-|

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