RL10 Trilogy, 1/3 [Och NOO!]

From: Simon Howes <ablater_at_global.co.za>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 18:23:03 +0200


Okay, well enjoy, here it is my RL10 Story, 129K.. which means that you
should grab your coffie.. cancel your date with Vixen Vulpy, forget about
studying for important exams, and just generally read the story.

P.S. I began writing this story before I had Internet Access, so if any points
coincide with other stories, which they seem to in some odd ways, don't sue me
for it.. anyways.. I'm also real sorry that Jonathan and Mark are hogging the
chars all the time.. I Know "It is the STH conference, Simon.."

Also, by now you will have heard the "he came from earth" storyline, I seem to
have seen a lot of them.. Well.. this is also one, but they don't simply
come from earth.. believe me.. the universe is not that simple.. also, this
is part
one of a trilogy, though this story is very complete, and won't leave you
hanging. It has a sad part or two, but humour and satire definately have a
good deal of occurence in the story.. So save your tissues for episode
three, I'm telling you.. "It's just beautifull.. and so sad"
[Try putting a softish female voice on for that last line]

Okay, well, anyone want to tell me what I did that is wrong for the story?


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