Re: Copyright Issues

From: John W. Johnston <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 95 21:30:41 MST

>Dear friends
> Thanks for writing up that article, Michael. And now I've heard from
>Dennis Falk that Warner's legal department is ordering the owner of that
>site to get rid of all Warner porn immediately.
> I feel awful about the loss of the perv section, too. Maybe someone can
>re-establish the perv section as an ftp site, who's address is disclosed only
>on an individual basis to make it as clandestine as possible.
Another possible reason for making the perv section a little more
secretive is, what exactly will keep little kids (12 and under) from
downloading that stuff. Putting the perv section on an FTP site is a good
idea because you can sorta screen those people who request it (ie. making
sure there are not too young, or Sega looking for someone else to bust).

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