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From: <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 20:44:13 -0600

Dear friends

     Thanks for writing up that article, Michael. And now I've heard from
Dennis Falk that Warner's legal department is ordering the owner of that
site to get rid of all Warner porn immediately.
     I feel awful about the loss of the perv section, too. Maybe someone can
re-establish the perv section as an ftp site, who's address is disclosed only
on an individual basis to make it as clandestine as possible.
     See ya around.

Sincerely -

Juan F. Lara

Princess Sally -
   "As for being my boyfriend, in the past you just had to contend with
    jealousy from a certain Hedgehog ( and believe me, that's enough! ) --
    now you're going to have to deal with a rather suave rogue of a skunk!
    Good luck!"

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